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Blushing or Erythrophobia often starts in the teenage years and adolescence when we become naturally more self-conscious of our bodies and the way we act, especially when feeling vulnerable or feel we are being judged.

Blushing is triggered by emotional stress, such as embarrassment, anger or an uncomfortable social situation.

However it can also occur whilst talking to a friend, bumping into someone you know unexpectedly, whilst paying for something in a shop, or many other inexplicable reasons. This feeds the fear and the anticipation of blushing, causing the problem to escalate, thus proving to the person that the anxiety was justified and the problem spirals.

Blushing is caused when the sympathetic nervous system, a network of nerves responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ reflex, perceives a strong emotion, embarrassment or anger as a threat or danger. It responds by dilating the tiny blood vessels just under the skin, causing reddening of the face.

People that blush often try and hide it, living with the constant worry of where and when it will happen next.

Another fear they face is people who think they are being helpful by pointing it out!

However you don’t have to live with this embarrassing and distressing problem.

By accessing the unconscious mind, hypnotherapy can get to the root cause, reframing negative thought processes, reducing anxiety and boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy can help.

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