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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness or trance state, a natural state of deep and total relaxation, mentally and physically, similar to the state you feel just before drifting off to sleep, watching a good film, or deeply absorbed in a book. This trance state is characterised by increased suggestibility. Hypnotherapy therefore is the use of this altered state of consciousness, for therapeutic endpoint.

Whilst in this very calm and relaxed hypnotic state, you will however, remain aware of all that is going on around you. After the session you should feel very relaxed, refreshed and extremely positive.

How does your mind work?

Your mind operates on both a Conscious and Sub-conscious level.

The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is your awareness of the present moment; continually observing and processing your awareness of your inner self and the world around you, gained from incoming information received and identified through any of your six senses.

When you encounter something for the first time, make a decision or learn a new skill, it is processed by your conscious mind.

The conscious mind is also your thinking, objective and rational mind, which influences mental and physical functioning, such as, your thoughts, images, attitudes, beliefs, feelings and sensations, enabling the stable operation and functioning of our daily lives.

In a hypnotic or trance state, the conscious or rational part of the brain, which influences mental and physical functioning is temporarily bypassed, making the subconscious part receptive to therapy, enabling suggestions, agreed and discussed with the client prior to therapy, to be introduced into the subconscious mind, affecting positive changes in behaviour, thoughts and feelings.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is there to look after and protect you.

All of our body systems and functions are programmed, operated and maintained by our subconscious. It stores our memories, knowledge, experiences, habits and skills, in fact it stores every piece of information that our brain has ever processed since the day we were born.

So when performing tasks or routines we may have done many times before, it becomes so automatic that no conscious thought is required.

Have you ever driven home and could not consciously remember part of the journey, but you arrived safely, this is our subconscious mind protecting us.

How Hypnotherapy can help

The subconscious mind is very strong and when in conflict with the conscious mind the subconscious mind will always win.

So imagine that you make a conscious decision to eat sensibly and only when hungry; this is your ‘will power’ of your conscious mind, but something upsets you and your programming of your subconscious mind thinks “some comfort food will make you happy”, there is a conflict and the next thing you know is, you are eating that bar of chocolate! Your stronger subconscious mind has won.

However beliefs and habits that are deep rooted in the subconscious mind can be changed if that is what the client really wants.

Hypnotherapy is able to bring about change by reprogramming the subconscious mind so that deep-seated instincts, habits and beliefs are altered, introducing new and more positive beliefs, ultimately achieving the desired changes and lasting outcomes.

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